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Michelle Chao, LLC

Harnessing the Power of Real Estate to Change Lives

As immigrants to this country, real estate was what catapulted my family from welfare status to owning 42 apartment units, several houses, gas stations, and a restaurant. With firsthand knowledge from my parents about buying and selling real estate at an early age, I bought my first home at age 23. During my 12 years working at a major bank, I used this knowledge to help thousands of clients accomplish their dreams of home ownership, as a bank manager, licensed personal banker, mortgage loan officer, and underwriter. As an underwriter I had the power to approve or deny a loan. Knowledge of this process is invaluable during a real estate transaction and my clients have a smoother experience because of it. I have also helped hundreds of clients achieve their dreams of owning their own businesses, growing their ideas into multi-million-dollar companies. As their businesses flourished, I was able to help my clients purchase larger buildings for their companies, which gave me commercial real estate experience.
As my clients’ needs changed, I wanted to gain more knowledge to help them at a deeper level, so I went to Lewis & Clark Law School to obtain a legal education. I am now a member of the Oregon State Bar and the owner of the law firm, Michelle Chao Law, LLC. Many people have asked me why I am a real estate agent when I am also an attorney. I choose to be a real estate agent because I believe wealth starts with real estate, and having a background in banking and law as a real estate agent is extremely rare. As my brother has said, “I am the X factor.” I not only have the knowledge of every side of the real estate transaction (realtor, banker, and attorney), but I also have the heart to make a difference in my community.
Being a real estate agent gives me a larger platform to change lives for the better. I am an avid supporter of Youth Music Project because it gives our children a safe place to not only learn music, but also the opportunity to learn lifelong lessons about the importance of hard work, patience, and working well with others. I love using my book of business to help schools connect with local businesses to help raise money for the classrooms. I also use my networking skills to help local businesses grow by connecting them with others in the community and referring them to my clients as needed.
I realize I may not be your average real estate agent. Along with being an attorney, I am also a certified negotiation expert, a designation which only 3% of realtors have. And I have a heart of gold and care very deeply for my clients. I believe when we all are successful, we all can do more to help others in our community. Together we can harness the power of real estate to change lives in a positive way, and make this world a better place. 
It would be an honor to use my expertise to serve you.
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